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How to avoid injury when embarking on an exercise program

Whether you’re new to an exercise program, or are a seasoned workout fanatic, you’re at risk of injury whilst working out if you don’t adhere to some straightforward guidelines: Please like & share:

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Tabata Workout – Arms

In addition to our live and on-demand classes, we also offer via our blog an exercise of the week. This week we focus on toning those arms. Exercise 1: Standard shoulder width push-up The standard shoulder width push-up can be performed with straight legs or from a knee bend, depending on your level of fitness, […]

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Why is the Tabata Training Method so effective?

As you know the Tabata Training Method is a high intensity workout consisting of 20 seconds intense workout following by a 10 second rest period and then repeated 7 more times, totalling up to a 4 minute workout. As easy as this may sound, it’s actually intended to work you harder than you would in […]

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Tabata Workout – Legs

For those of you who are looking to focus on a particular part of the body during each Tabata workout, we thought we’d create a blog article that does the same. Obviously our classes will focus on different parts of the body as well, albeit they may repeat certain exercises that are proven to be […]

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Get in shape for summer

The warmer weather is finally upon us (well as warm as it gets in the UK at any rate!) so now is the time to take a good long look in the mirror and decide if you need to do a little toning up ready to bare your body in summer clothes. Two areas to […]

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A basic guide to stretching

There are lots of differing opinions when it comes to stretching pre and post workout. Some experts think it’s more important to warm-up and stretch before working out, and some experts think it’s more beneficial after working out, and then there’s even a minority who think that warming up and cooling down doesn’t really matter […]

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Getting started with Tabata

As you’ll have read via our previous articles, Tabata training is a proven exercise method to build muscular endurance and enhance aerobic capacity. In a nutshell it’s doing an exercise for 20 seconds at an optimum level for you, followed by a 10 seconds break before repeating the cycle 8 more times. So you get […]

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4 Benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training sessions (otherwise referred to as HIIT) are short sharp intense workouts of between 4 and 20 minutes that have been known to improve glucose metabolism and increase the body’s ability to burn fat. It’s not surprising then that more and more people are turning to HIIT methods of training over regular […]

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What is the Tabata Training Method?

The Tabata Method, or perhaps more widely known through celebrities and the media as ‘The 4 minute fat burning miracle workout’, is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), rather than the more commonly used endurance training often associated with going to the gym. Please like & share:

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