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How getting social can help you reach your weight loss (and fitness) goals

How getting social can help you reach your weight loss (and fitness) goalsJanuary is often the month that many of us detox, diet, or go crazy with the latest fitness fad.

New Year resolutions are made, and for those who have some will-power, many of them will last until at least the end of January (for those with strong will-power, they’ll often last a few months or more).

So how did you get on?

Manage to cut out the booze, carbs and sweets?

Those of you who answered ‘yes’, are you active in some form of social network to help with your dieting and fitness goals?

I’m sure for many of you, the answer is again a resounding ‘yes!’

And you know why?

Recent studies have shown that dieters who interact and engage online with other like-minded dieters, are more likely to achieve greater weight loss than those who try doing it alone.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to dieting. This applies to fitness, smoking, drinking, studying, you-name-it goals as well.

It’s no great surprise really.

Because when you have a support group behind you – encouraging you, offering advice, giving tips, picking you up when you’ve hit a low – you’re far more likely to stick with it.

Social support can come from friends and relatives, but unless they’re in the exact same situation as you, they don’t necessarily ‘get it’. So whilst their intentions are good, they aren’t necessarily going to help you achieve the goals you’ve set yourself – particularly if these are to do with losing a significant amount of weight.

There are probably local support groups in your area where people with the same issues and goals as you will meet on a weekly or monthly basis. But these can be costly, or at times when you’re not available, or you may just feel embarrassed to attend on your own.

But don’t worry, because increasingly there are online support groups that can will offer the advice, guidance and help you need.

These social communities can be a fraction of the cost of live events and a lot easier to take part in. Telling other members how you feel, asking questions, giving advice, empathising, is a lot easier online. Behind your computer.

But it’s no less real.

In fact, it can be argued that people will say what they really feel when typing it, because no-one can see them.

Being part of a dieting community or fitness community can help your achieve the goals you’ve set yourself a lot quicker than going it alone.

So what goal have you set yourself this year?

  • Lose X amount of weight?
  • Run a 10k race?
  • Touch your toes?

Whatever it is, join an online community of like-minded people and professionals who will make the journey so much easier.

Being part of a social group, whether it be for dieting, getting fit, staying fit, or something else, will keep you on the road to greater success.

So what are you waiting for?

Join our Tabatalive online community of personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and nutritionists who want to share in your highs and lows, and help you achieve your ultimate health and fitness goals.

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