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Have a Healthy Halloween with these Delicious Treats

halloween nightWe all want to enjoy the holiday festivities when they come around, but often they can result in us over-indulging in food that make us feel guilty the next morning.

And since Halloween is all about trick or treating with your kids, the food we consume is all too often loaded in sugar and fat.

So how can you, and your children, continue to enjoy all that Halloween brings whilst not harming your waist line?

Stop buying treats from the supermarket

It’s so easy to head to the local supermarket to stock up on sweets and snacks ready to greet the onslaught of trick or treaters that will inevitably arrive on your doorstep next week.

But often we over-purchase, as we don’t want to be left short if the whole neighbourhood rocks up.

And what happens to all the leftovers?

Yep, you guessed it – you, your partner and your kids will most likely dip in to polish them off.

Change your treat mentality

So why not think about making your own Halloween treats?

This is a great way to not only make healthier treats for you to enjoy, but also have some fun in the kitchen with your family or friends by creating them together.

Ghoulishly healthy Halloween treats

Here’s our top pick of delicious homemade treats for you and your family to enjoy a slightly healthier Halloween …

Spider cupcakeChocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes

Not only are these cupcakes perfect for Halloween, they taste yummy and are grain and dairy free.

Follow the recipe from TexanErin here.

Strawberry ghostsStrawberry Ghosts

Don’t they look spookily perfect for your Halloween party?!

Follow the recipe from Candiquik here.

Pumpkin cakesPumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting

Low in calories but high on taste, these pumpkin bars are the perfect Halloween treat.

Follow the recipe from Popsugar here.

Pumpkin chocolate chip barsChocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars

By using pumpkin as the base for these chocolate chip bars, you reduce the calories whilst retaining the chocolaty taste. Perfect for adults and children alike!

Follow the recipe from Popsugar here.

Peanut butter brownie bitesPeanut Butter Brownie Bites

These scrumptious little bite-sized treats are perfect for handing out to little (or big) trick or treaters.

Follow the recipe from Popsugar here.

Spiced pumpkin seedsCandied Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

In our opinion, these little snacks are perfect at any time of year!

Follow the recipe from Vegan Baking here.

So what treats are you serving in your household this Halloween?

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