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How to shift those last 10 pounds

5526733731_d9ec07008f_nIf you’re already well into your weight loss phase and are down to the last ten pounds to shift, firstly you deserve a huge congratulations and pat on the back (popping the bottle of bubbly will have to wait I’m afraid!). Secondly, you’ve already proven to yourself that you can lose weight, so now all you need to do is dig deep, find a little more determination and follow these steps.

If you’ve been at a certain weight for a long period of time but have decided that you could do with dropping ten pounds to look and feel better, then these steps will also work for you. In fact you may be lucky enough to find the ten pounds shift quicker than you think with a few simple changes to your daily routine.

Losing those last 10 pounds:

No, it’s not a miracle breakthrough drug that we’re going to suggest. That my friends, is never really going to happen.

Instead what it takes is diet and exercise.

Let’s start with exercise.

Whether you already work out 3-5 times a week or rarely get off the sofa, to shift those last few pounds you’re going to have to work out smarter.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or the Tabata method of training is exactly what you should be doing. HIIT is proven to show results faster and importantly for you, it doesn’t mean sweating away at the gym for an hour every day. The perfect solution whether you love exercise or not. Let’s face it, it’s the results we’re all dying to see, not so much the journey!

Doing interval training whilst continually changing the exercises performed gives your metabolism the boost it needs to dig deeper and burn more calories. It makes sense really, if your body gets used to doing the exact same exercise over and over, it doesn’t need to work so hard. Mixing it up whilst at the same time keeping your heart rate high, will do the job so much quicker. Believe us.

Alongside interval training you also need to build up your lean muscle mass. Fact – the more muscle your body has, the more calories it burns doing absolutely nothing. Honestly. So join a Bodypump class or if you’re happy going solo at the gym, get a trainer to show you appropriate weights for your level and start an upper and lower body weight workout.

Alternatively there are plenty of online options for working out. Our own Tabata classes cover most bodyweight exercises that will help build lean muscle mass. Or if you have your own weights, then a series of curls, pull-ups and overhead pushes whilst lunging or squatting will work a treat.

Now on to your diet.

Eating fewer calories than you burn is the name of the game to lose those last ten pounds. And don’t forget this also includes reducing your alcohol intake. It’s amazing how many calories are in many drinks that you don’t even count towards your daily intake. Often this is what most people forget when dieting.

So step one is to keep a daily food and drink journal. And be honest. Update it every time something passes your lips so you know exactly what you’re eating and drinking on a daily basis, to help recognise why you may not see any change.

Step two is to reduce portion sizes. A great guide to portion sizes can be found here at the Mayo Clinic – you may be surprised, or horrified, when you see the sizes you should be eating.

Step three is to eat breakfast. Don’t fool yourself that by missing a meal you’ll lose weight. Quite the opposite is true. If you miss meals your body goes into starvation mode and starts storing fat, not burning it, in order to survive. So kick start your day with a healthy, ideally protein rich, breakfast to shift that excess body fat.

Step four is to snack smartly. Don’t try starving yourself. If you feel hungry between meals, eat. It’s that simple. But instead of reaching for a bag of crisps or a biscuit, eat a handful of natural nuts or nibble on a carrot.

So to recap on how to shift those last few pounds:

  • Start a HIIT class to burn more calories
  • Build lean muscle mass by weight training
  • Keep a food journal to see where you may be going wrong
  • Reduce meal portion sizes
  • Eat breakfast to kick-start the metabolism
  • Store healthy snacks in the house

Good luck and let us know how you get on – we love success stories!

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