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The Simplest Way to Speed-Up Weight Loss

first-course-869120_640For many of us already doing a regular exercise regime, losing weight can get harder and harder. Particularly if you’re down to trying to lose those last few pounds.

And for those just starting out on your weight-loss journey you’ve probably got a new exercise plan that you’re sticking with, but perhaps want another solution to lose the weight quicker.

Well … one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to lose weight, is the one that’s so easily over-looked.

Reducing your portion sizes.

That’s it.

Certainly not rocket science, and it really works.

Being aware of your portion sizes is crucial to losing weight.

Eating an extra 50-100 calories a day over your recommended daily calorie intake can equate to a 10 pound weight-gain over the course of a year.

Preparing food and eating consciously can curb that.

What are the recommended portion sizes?

The easiest thing to do is follow a recipe. Ideally healthy recipes. And weigh everything.

But for example, if you’re eating cereal or having pasta, just check what the packet suggests. They all tend to have a ‘recommended serving size’ – so follow it. And again, measure it. Don’t guess.

Otherwise, a good rule of thumb to follow is:

  • Fruit and Vegetables – the size of a clenched fist
  • Meat and fish – the size of the palm of your hand
  • Pasta – the size of a scoop of ice-cream
  • Rice – the size of a cup cake wrapper
  • Snacks – the amount you can take in one hand but still be able to close it

While it’s good to have an idea of what portion sizes you should be eating, you will automatically start losing weight if you reduce the portions you’re currently consuming.

5 easy ways to reduce your portions

1) Use smaller plates

Since it can be hard to get out of the mentality of dishing up a smaller portion, using a smaller plate leaves you no option.

Just don’t pile the plate higher or go back for second helpings!

2) Leave a bite behind

This one definitely goes against the grain – and we’re not suggesting this is a long-term solution since you shouldn’t really be wasting food, but leaving just one bite on your plate reduces your calorie intake.

Try this for 3 months. And perhaps try leaving a couple of bites once you get more used to it.

Then stop serving that extra spoonful in the first place. All of a sudden, you’re eating less without even noticing it.

3) Share

This is great if you’re eating out.

Rather than getting a starter or desert as you would normally, share it with your dining companion.

Of course if you don’t normally eat a starter or desert, don’t start now! This solution is only viable if eating more than one course is standard practice.

4) Slow down

It can take around 10 minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is getting full.

By slowing down your eating, you’re allowing time for your brain to catch up.

You may be surprised to discover, that you can’t finish your meal by this simple act.

What’s more – slowing down is likely to see you enjoying your meal more.

5) Drink plenty of water

Drinking a glass of water before a meal is said to curb your appetite by filling up space that would have otherwise been filled by food.

So knock back a glass, wait 10 minutes, then sit down to eat.

Combining smaller portions with regular workouts will help you reach your weight loss goals quicker, and most importantly, will ensure you keep the weight off.

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