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Fitness gadget review – in time for Christmas!

techreviewniThe season of merry making, gift giving and stomach filling has arrived!

Christmas is just around the corner and as health buffs, you want to prepare yourself for all the sumptuous food that will tempt you and the Christmas binge drinking.

It can be very difficult, even for disciplined fitness enthusiasts to keep a check on their diet and fitness routines on holidays such as Christmas and the New Year. One of the best tools to help you stay on track is a fitness gadget.

So here is a rundown of the best fitness gadgets in the market:

Nike Fuelband

The Nike Fuelband is a sleek gadget that tracks your movements and translates them into Nike Fuel.

This gadget will let you know exactly how many steps you have taken during the day by the use of ultra-sensitive tracking sensors.

The gadget itself has an impressive battery life and is capable of automatically syncing all of your data.

The downside to the Nike Fuelband is that it is only compatible with Apple devices and it costs quite a lot.

TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch

This device was designed for triathletes.It efficiently tracks your running, swimming and cycling routines and records them.

Like the Nike Fuelband it is quite expensive.

However, if you are a serious triathlete who wants to keep proper track of your progress, this gadget is definitely for you.

If you have just started on triathlon and are not that invested in it, it is best if you pick out a fitness gear that is more in line to your level of exercise routine.

Jawbone Up

The Jawbone Up is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing fitness gears in the market these days.

These amazing fitness bands come in different colours and somehow looks like a basic string bracelet unlike its bulkier counterparts.

Another plus is that the Jawbone Up is extremely easy to operate even for beginners, making it the ideal fitness gear for people who engage in mild workouts and for those with more intense workouts.

One downside is it does not have a display which shows you your progress like most fitness gears and due to its lack in display, its price tag appears steep for what it has to offer.

Fitbit One

The Fitbit One is the one to beat when it comes to efficient, sleek and affordable fitness gears.

It is capable of tracking more data compared to other trackers in the market and it can be used with a broad range of gadgets. You can even use it without a smartphone because it comes with a USB which you can easily plug in your laptop or PC’s port.

However, one disadvantage is that the Fitbit One is not a bracelet or watch type fitness gear. It’s a clip-on, making it easy to forget or lose.

Samsung Gear Fit

If you’re a Samsung fan who owns everything Samsung, the Samsung Gear Fit is the one for you.

The design is sleek and chic; it weighs almost nothing and comes with a built-in smartwatch.

The drawbacks are it is quite expensive and it’s only compatible with Samsung devices.

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