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Cheat your way to a great chest!

350px-BestFrenchPressNo matter what sex you are, the ‘perfect’ chest can be one of the hardest fitness goals of all. However, this is most frequently due to a misunderstanding of what exercises can achieve such results; when in actual fact, toning this area of the body is simply a matter of clever workout combinations. So, if you’re ready for perfect pecks or a beautiful bosom read on to get started on some effective exercises with absolutely no surgery required!

For the men: Perfect pecks

The way to achieving ‘perfect pecks’ is a hotly debated subject, with many fitness gurus at odds with one another over what does and doesn’t work. With that in mind then let’s work some scientific fact into the perfect peck equation. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found, through using electromyography to measure pectoral activity, the following to be most successful:

  • The barbell bench press (100% pectoral muscle activation),
  • The peck deck (98% pectoral muscle activation),
  • The bent-forward cable crossover (93% pectoral muscle activation).

These exercises are frequently mentioned by many a fitness expert and are undoubtedly effective in the toning and defining of the chest.

The barbell bench press

The barbell bench press should see you starting with a weight that is comfortable to you. Overexerting yourself can cause not only immediate injury, but injury that may go unnoticed at the time, which can develop into a more serious condition later on.

The peck deck

Undertaking this exercise involves a piece of gym equipment known as the Peck Deck Machine. The weight system is then controlled in various ways to work the pectoralis major and minor (e.g. the chest muscles).

The bent-forward cable crossover

The bent-forward cable crossover will see you working with two multi-gyms to pull the weighted pulleys from a position where the arms are above the shoulders down and into the centre of the body so that the hands almost meet. This should be repeated for as many times as you feel able to.

For the Ladies: A beautiful Bosom 

Let’s start with demystifying chest exercises for women, far from them reducing your breast size, they will instead, most likely, make your chest look bigger as the muscles underneath build up. You should then think of these exercises as a helping hand to perkiness.

The barbell bench press

If you read the section above you’ll know that this exercise is also great for guys! The same rules apply here however, never lift more than you’re comfortable with.

Windmills and Triceps Extensions

Bring in your arms from your sides to over your head, move these around in a large circle for 10 to 15 repetitions. Following this you’re now ready for the Triceps extensions: bring your arms, whilst they are overhead, together and bend your elbows back into a triceps extension. Repeat this process for 10 repetitions and then return to the Windmill exercise.

The Push-up

Lying down on your stomach place your hands next to your arm pits. From here you should push your body weight up, being sure to keep your elbows bent, stomach taut and body aligned. Once you’ve extended your arms, return back to the starting position. Repeat this process as many times as you’re able.

Perfect chestCommon issue alert!

Do you recognise these frustrating fat like build ups? These are an extremely common issue in women and rather than fat, as many people think they are, they actually consist of breast tissue. However, as breast tissue is, in essence, made up of fat, you’ll lose weight from here faster than anywhere else.

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