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Get a toned upper back in just a few minutes per day

366598899_a536eb566b_nUnquestionably, no matter how great you might look, those wobbly bits around your back, chest, and upper arms definitely spoil your image (and spirits). If the time has come for you to fit in that little black dress, or strip down to your summer shorts, looking awesomely toned, good news is that, with just 8 minutes per day, you can get back all the lost self-esteem and banish the wobbly bits once and for all!

What will I need?

In order to tone your upper body you need something to provide assistance, so that your muscles can work against it while working out. In order to make it easier for you, you can use something as simple as water bottles (you get to choose their weight as long as it does not go beyond 5lb/2kg or less than 1lb/0.5kg). However, if you have dumbbells, within the suggested range, you are good to go.

How much time should I spend and how many repetitions?

Every exercise needs 10 repetitions, which total approximately 8 minutes. However, you need to warm up before you get down to any of it. Try some jogging (or even marching) on the spot for a couple of minutes combined with some stretches, and you are set!

So, let us get cracking!

1. Shoulders and Chest

Exercice 1

Step1: Lie on your back

Step 2: Outstretch your arms to your sides, and, with your palms facing up, grab your weights

Step 3: Bend your elbows a bit, and

Step 4: Lift your arms (until they almost touch one another above your chest)

Step 5: Go back to the starting position and do a set of 10 reps

Exercise 2

Repeat Step 1 and 2 of exercise 1, only, this time, outstretch your arms above your head, rather than your sides.

Step 3: bring your weights all the way from above your head to down your hips (the side of them). This should normally look like a semi-circular motion to you.

Step 4: Go back to the starting position and do a set of 10 reps

2. Chest and Back

Step 1: find a good spot to support your back and sit down.

Step 2: Straight your legs out, in front of you.

Step 3: With your elbows parallel to the floor (to your side), grasp your weights at chest level.

Step 4: Push your arms out in front of you, until they are straight.

Step 5: Pull your arms back in.

Step 6: Do a set of 10 reps.

3. Shoulders, Back, and Upper Arms

Step 1: Spread your feet slightly apart.

Step 2: Grasp your weights (arms by the sides), only, this time, your palms should face outwards

Step 3: Bend all the way down until your torso is floor-parallel

Step 4: Extend your arms (towards the floor).

Step 5: Lift your arms, until they are floor-parallel (to the side). Mind keeping them straight, while doing this step.

Step 6: Go back to the starting position and do a set of 10 reps.

4. Arms

Step 1: Sit down and have your back straight

Step 2: Arms placed by your sides.

Step 3: Grasp your weights (palms facing upwards).

Step 4: Curl them up and down (towards your shoulders and down).

Step 5: Do a set of 10 reps

Tip: The Back and torso should be straight, so the arms will be forced to do all the work.

5. Forearms

Step 1: Outstretch your arm in front of you and grab your weight.

Step 2: Lean your wrist up and down many times.

Tip: Better to do this exercise with a combination of underhand and overhand grasps of your weight. Also, focus on one arm at a time.

Secret Tips:

Regularity in body toning is everything. Therefore, with frequent reps of the exercises, it won’t be long before you see the first results (usually a few weeks)! So, take advantage of your TV time (if you do not have enough free time to exercise otherwise) and start working your upper body.

Should I be careful of anything?

Yes. Do not overdo it with weight, because you might have a painful experience while trying to tone your body. If you feel pain when exercising, it is your body’s response to too much weight used. Start with something that feels easy, if you have not exercised your muscles recently.

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