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Kick-ass bum and firm-thigh exercises

a675dd32420100dd4cf47623e82f0822-6c099d63231695f921107df231cbc25f-729x320-100-cropOh the humble derriere, it is the bane of many a person’s fitness goals and the frustration with firming up the bum and thighs is indiscriminate between the sexes, with both men and women suffering from less than pert bums and flabby thighs.

However firming up your bum and thighs needn’t seem like an impossible task and through the following simple exercises you can achieve a kick ass bum and firm thighs in no time at all.

The Side Step

The Side Step is the perfect example of how exercise doesn’t have to be complex or gruelling to achieve results, and is advocated by some of the pertest bums in the celebrity world, including Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova and Amanda Bynes.

How to…

Stand with your feet together and hands clasped in front of you. Push up with your left foot and follow through with a hop to the right. Repeat this process in the opposite direction with your right foot.

How long for…

1 – 2 minutes

The Kettlebell Squat

The Kettlebell Squat, whilst requiring a piece of equipment, is incredibly effective as the it adds a little resistance to your workout, which enhances the outcome from an exercise that takes as little as ten minutes.

How to…

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your feet pointing straight forward. Hold your kettlebell (or a dumbbell if you don’t have one) in front of your hips with your hands and palms facing inwards towards your body.

Keep your chest upright, squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground, pausing in position for around 10 seconds. Stand up and repeat.

How long for…

Between 20 to 25 reps.

The Single-Leg Bridge

There are not many things better when getting into shape with an exercise that tones both the thighs and bum at once, however an exercise that gets your core into shape as well most certainly is. What’s more this exercise is relatively easy and un-strenuous, as far as exercises can be at least!

How to…

Lie down with your knees bent upwards, with your feet set firmly on the ground and your arms extended outwards. Raise your right leg straight into the air with the foot flexed in an natural position. Keeping your right leg raised upwards lift up your hips until the body is aligned from the left knee to the shoulders. Lower yourself down and repeat the process.

How long for…

Between 20 to 25 reps for each side.


Lunges make for a complete working of the thighs and bum, however achieving the correct position is vital to this exercise being effective, so be sure to follow the instructions completely.

How to…

Stand with your feet facing straight forward. Step forward with your right leg and slowly bend your knee, lowering into the lunge until both of your legs are almost at right angles. Maintaining the weight on your heels push back into the original position.

Throughout this process ensure that you keep your back completely straight and never allow your knees to surpass your toes.

How long for…

1 Set of between 15 and 24 reps per leg.

Do these exercises three times per week for six weeks, then stand back and admire your newly toned thighs and pert bottom!

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