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Simple Steps to Start Each Day Feeling Energised

ID-10031980How many of you wake up each day raring to go?

A few huh? Wow! You’re the lucky ones.

For the rest, imagine your alarm going off. Then rather than hitting the snooze button, you immediately jump out of bed happy to be alive and ready to face the new day full of energy and focus.

Now doesn’t that sound great!

Well between us, it is entirely possible – regardless of whether you’re a ‘morning’ person or not.

With just a few simple tweaks to your morning routine, you could start each day with the drive, determination and clarity to be more productive – both physically and mentally.


Okay, here’s how …

Step 1 – Move your alarm out of reach

Yes I know this sounds painful, but seriously, it’s the Number One reason that ‘snoozers’ snooze.

So move it.

Make sure your alarm isn’t within reach from your morning horizontal position. Make yourself have to get out of bed to switch it off.

Then instead of getting back into bed, stay up. You’ve made it this far, why backtrack now?

Congratulations. You’ve just passed step one!

Step 2 – Take time to breathe

Now you’re up, take a few minutes to breathe deeply.

If you’ve got a room with a view or some outdoor space, head there. Close your eyes, and breathe.

Try the 2:1 rule.

Inhale for half the time you exhale. For example, inhale for two seconds, then exhale for four seconds.

This has two benefits:

  1. It gives you something to focus on. Breathing. A little mindfulness meditation if you will. Perfect to forget any stresses of yesterday and to stop you worrying about the day ahead. You’re living in the moment.
  2. It calms you. By exhaling at half the speed of your inhale, your body relaxes. Oxygen flows round the body visiting every organ and muscle group, revitalising them and focusing your mind.

Step 3 – Exercise

If you prefer working out in the evening, that’s fine. We’re not saying you need to do an hour’s cardio.

But some form of exercise, gentle or otherwise, when you first wake not only kick-starts the metabolism, but again it helps to gets oxygen flowing around your body to prepare for the day ahead.

The result?

More energy. More brain-power.

Step 4 – Quit the caffeine

We know, we know – we’re not really leaving you with any morning vices, are we?

‘Fraid not!

Look, we’re not suggesting you give up caffeine altogether, just avoiding it first thing. After several hours of sleep, the last thing your body needs is a shot of caffeine.

What it actually wants is nourishment.

Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice or hot water with lemon is the perfect way to get the body rehydrated again.

Step 5 – Eat breakfast


It will not mean you eat fewer calories and it won’t make you slimmer.

Instead, eat a healthy breakfast, however small, to kick start the metabolism and give you energy for the day to come.

But stay away from the sugary cereals – sure they’ll give you a quick energy hit, but it’ll wear off way before lunch.

Follow these steps, and try to get a non-alcohol induced eight hours sleep the night before, to wake up energised and raring to go.

So what’s your morning routine?

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