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The Ultimate Butt Lift (without surgery)

spinning1Lets be honest here, who doesn’t want a killer butt?

Seriously, your bum can completely alter the way you look in clothes – how they hang on you, in jeans, dresses and particularly swimwear.

Going down the surgical implant route is costly, painful and there are numerous pictures online of butt disasters!

And anyway, you can get the ultimate butt yourself with a little determination and patience.

Here are just a few exercises and activities that will give you that behind you’ve always wanted.


As this activity tones muscles and burns fat you will see an improvement, but it’s unlikely you will achieve that killer butt through running alone.

Mix it up a bit and include 30 seconds of jogging then 30 seconds of flat out sprinting, aka interval training.

This encourages more toning of the muscles in your bum and then incorporate some of the following exercises into your routine as well, you’ll soon have the butt you’ve always wanted.

Butt Kick

This is an easy exercise even absolute beginners can master and as you start to tone up and get stronger you simply lengthen the time you do if for.

Targeting both the gluteus Maximus and Minumus muscles, as well as the hamstrings.

Get down onto the floor on all fours now raise your right leg upwards as if you were aiming to put a footprint on the ceiling. Hold that position for 30 seconds then repeat with the left leg.

You’ll feel those muscles working from the off and soon be able to alternate between quick swings and holding the position for longer.


There are numerous exercises within the parameters of Pilates that greatly help with the toning of your butt.

In fact, way too many to list here, that would be an entire article in itself, suffice to say that between Pilates swimming, heel beats, and pelvic curls you can turn this pastime into a butt fiesta.


This exercise targets both the gluteus Maximus and the hip abductors.

Another one that is great for all as you build up the time you hold the position as your muscles strengthen.

Stand up straight with your feet level with your hips. Now stretch you right arm towards the ceiling at an angle away from you and lift your right leg backwards at the same angle so you can draw a diagonal line from hand to foot. Lower both and repeat 15 times before changing to the left arm and foot.


Was there ever a better reason to get on your bike than to get a great butt?

Most people are under the general misconception that cycling is all to do with the legs but those muscles in your butt are just as important.

Unlike many other sports cycling gives the gluteus Maximus, Minimus and Medius an all-over workout, the later being one that many other exercises don’t even touch.

Get your butt onto that saddle for an amazing workout, and those impatient to see results can add a couple of the exercises above into the mix.

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