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Too hot to exercise outdoors? Here are 5 alternatives to help you stay fit this summer

outdoor yogaWOW it’s hot right now, isn’t it?

Summer is well and truly upon us. And whilst we shouldn’t complain as it may not stick around all that long, it can often make you feel quite lethargic.

Your motivation and enthusiasm for fitness wains, and you find yourself wanting to simply spend evenings in the garden enjoying a glass of wine (or cold beer) with friends.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that (from time to time), don’t undo all your hard work over the last few months just because the sun is shining.

Instead, take it as an excuse to mix things up a little.

Try different exercises on different days or at different times – why not wake up an hour earlier and start exercising to avoid the searing heat?

Need some ideas?

Try one of these five favourite exercises to do when the temperatures soar …

  1. A refreshing swim

This has got to be the perfect way to cool off and exercise.

If your town has an outdoor pool all the better, but even if it doesn’t, don your cossie and take the plunge.

Vary your strokes to target different muscle groups:

  • Breaststroke – a great all round workout, although can be performed slightly less strenuously than front crawl or backstroke. The lower back and lower limbs are worked out hardest. The upper body, trunk and lower limbs are used equally.
  • Front crawl (freestyle) – The perfect cardio boost. This stroke uses all the major muscle groups, but may take a little practice to find a good breathing technique.
  • Back Stroke – Similar to the front crawl, but performed on your back it also uses the majority of muscle groups, although slightly more prominence on the triceps rather than biceps.
  1. Early morning yoga

Wake up a little earlier and head out into your garden or local park for a spot of yoga in the nature.

Not only is yoga good for the body, it’s good for the mind and soul too. In fact, it’s possibly the best way to start your day every day.

Try these yoga stretches to help you wake up and get energised for the day ahead:

  1. Childs pose – opens the hips
  2. Cat Cow pose – strengthens the spine and improves posture
  3. Downward dog – strengthens shoulders and stretches the hamstring muscles
  4. Sun bird pose – strengthens the core muscles, arms and legs
  5. Plank – strengthens the core muscles
  6. Warrior One – stretches the back and lower body
  7. Warrior Two – strengthens the lower body
  8. Triangle pose – stretches the back

And remember, it’s important to breathe through each yoga pose to awaken the body and nourish the soul.

  1. Home Tabata workout

Staying indoors for this one as it will get your body temperatures rising, try one of our 4 minute Tabata-style workouts.

Tabata workouts are 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds rest, repeated for eight rounds.

You can of course double or triple the number of rounds you do, but remember in this heat to take it a little easier than you ordinarily would.

An example of a 4 minute Tabata workout can be found here.

  1. Hit the gym

Too hot outside, head to your local gym and exercise in air-conditioned bliss instead.

Spend an hour doing both cardio and strength training to tire those muscles out.

  • Interval training on the treadmill
  • Spinning workout
  • Rowing machine
  • Free weights
  • Ab workout
  1. Evening power walk

Don’t want to miss out on being outdoors when the weather’s this good?

We’ve got that covered too … head out of a power walk watching the sun go down.

Not only will this give you a good total body workout, it will clear your mind of the days stresses helping you unwind and relax to enjoy the evening ahead.

Now there’s no excuse not to workout!

Just remember to drink plenty of water.

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