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Create your own Virtual Gym today!

TabataLiveHave you heard about our fantastic new feature that’s currently available as part of your free membership to TabataLive?

“No, what is it?” – I hear your cry!

Why it’s your very own personal Virtual Gym.

OK, so what does this mean and more importantly what’s the benefit to you?

Well quite frankly there are heaps of benefits: helping you stick with your fitness regime, getting motivated, managing your calories, checking your fitness progress, making personal challenges, joining group challenges, making fitness friends, and many more.

So let’s delve in a little deeper to help you start your own Virtual Gym with TabataLive.

At the moment when you sign up, for free, to TabataLive, you automatically get access to Your Virtual Gym from the main menu:

TabataLive login

Oh but hurry, this free offer will not be around for long, so take advantage whilst we’re in the festive spirit!

The first thing you’ll stumble upon is the main start screen. This is where you may find a bit of banter between members and our TabataLive team. Stop for a second and say hi, we love to hear from other fitness enthusiasts!

However the real nitty gritty for you is in the ‘My Apps’ section:

Virtual Gym Apps

Schedule: This is a fairly obvious one, but for those who need reminding this section allows you to see when our live Tabata classes are. And don’t forget, if you can’t make the live class, you can catch up at  a time that suits you better. Simply login and click on ‘Session’.

Training Plans: Now we’re getting to the good stuff! This is a fantastic little App that allows you to plan your workouts, when you’re not doing our Tabata class of course!
If you have your own routine that you like to do on a regular basis, add it in here to be able to update your own fitness chart each time you complete a session.

But perhaps you’re a bit bored with the same old workout routine. No problem! Use one of the many we’ve provided for you. All part of being a TabataLive member!

Simply select the type of workout you want to do, whether you want to use equipment or not, what fitness level you’re at and how many times per week you want to do it, choose the plan and get started! It couldn’t be easier.

Workout plans

Challenges: Perfect for those who have a more competitive streak, or just want to push themselves a little further. Check out this App to join a challenge that’s right for you. Then start getting involved. Add your activity, track your progress against everyone elses, and try to get to that top position!

Body Metrics: We’re all looking for that one stop shop to keep an eye on our fitness progress. Whether it be to lose weight, tone up, be fitter, stronger, healthier. Whatever it is for you, Your Virtual Gym is the place to track it. This App allows you to keep a daily, weekly, monthly (or whatever!) track of how you’re progressing. Such a great place for a little self-motivation. When you see the progress (or lack of) you’re making, you’ll be (or get) inspired to keep going.

Nutrition Plan: This part of Your Virtual Gym is great for checking what calories and nutritional value are in foods you eat regularly. You can create your own nutrition plan as well if you wish, and even keep a nutrition diary. And if you’re not sure about what you should / shouldn’t be eating and want some expert advice, join the Nutrition group. Not everyone is an expert, but there are some interesting threads that may prove helpful.

Virtual Gym foodlist

Activity Calendar: Enter the type of exercise you’ve done, the length of time it was for, and the intensity to which you worked and give yourself a pat on the back for being so disciplined. You can also create workout plans here, similar to the Training Plans App.


Not only will this help you stay on track and be motivated to do better and better, but we offer rewards to top members on a regular basis.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved with TabataLive and Your Virtual Gym today and feel great for those upcoming Christmas parties!

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