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4 Easy Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Christmas Festivities

dog-774724_640One week to go until CHRISTMAS!!!

If you’re anything like us, it’s probably packed full of last minute shopping, preparation, social arrangements, cooking and cleaning.

Not the best start to the festive season, but a necessary evil.

But where does exercise fit in to your schedule?

Every day? A few times a week? Never?

Christmas is a time of excess … Excess drink. Excess food. Excess sweets.

But sadly what it often lacks, is exercise.

Why ruin all your hard work and effort throughout the year for a few days (or in some cases, a month) of indulgences?

Fitting exercise into your Christmas festivities shouldn’t be hard, if anything, think of it as justification for the huge Christmas dinner, few glasses of wine and digging into the choccies late at night.

So with that in mind, here’s 3 simple ways to fit in some exercise over the Christmas period …

1. Walk (or jog)

With the family, friends, dogs, or on your own to escape the madness at home.

Head out for an invigorating walk first thing in the morning. The major benefit of this is it gets your heart pumping, your blood flowing and kick-starts your metabolism, which means it’ll already be working hard when you start tucking into all the delicious food later on.

The faster your pace the harder you’ll work. So at the very least, keep the pace above a saunter.

2. Workout DVD

Or in today’s modern world – head to YouTube or our own HIIT workouts – so no excuses to those who doesn’t own an old Davina video!

Whether you do 4 minutes, 8, 12, 16 or an hour – working out at home is the perfect excuse to shut yourself in a room away from family arguments and sugar-frenzied kids.

Workout. Feel great.

3. Buddy-up

Need some encouragement or accountability? Workout with your husband, wife, kids, friends, neighbour or pets … exercise can be enjoyable and sociable.

Go for a walk. Play some tennis. Get on your bike. Whatever will get you up and moving is perfectly fine.

As Nike like to say – Just Do It.

4. Dance

One of our favourites at this time of year. Who doesn’t like to bop!

After all the food has been consumed and everyone is feeling lethargic, pop on some music and get dancing.

If you’re out and about, be the first to hit the dancefloor and show everyone what you’re made of!

Not only does it burn plenty of calories, it’s good for the soul. And once you’re up doing it, you’ll find plenty of others joining in before too long.

Don’t let Christmas see you back at Square One come January 1st. Keep moving throughout the festive season and not only will you look better, you’ll feel better too.

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from us all at Tabatalive!

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