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5 Tips for staying motivated with your exercise regime

Fitness ConceptSome say starting an exercise plan is hard, but often it’s sticking to an exercise plan that’s the hardest.

Who else has vowed to get fit and healthy as soon as the 1st of January hits, only for it to fade out by mid-Feb? Or how about when those long dark days finally turn into spring and summer, how often have you promised yourself to get toned up, ready to bare those legs and arms? Or, what about this time of year when you know the festive season is looming and you want to look great for all the parties that will be happening. Do you start with good intentions, but by the weekend grab that bag of crisps and laze the day away watching DVD’s?

I know I have! So whilst you might have great intentions at the beginning, as the weeks turn into months, summer turns into autumn, how do you stay motivated to keep going? After all, it’s the continuity of exercise that gets our bodies looking and feeling as we want.

Here’s our 5 tips to help you stay motivated:

1. Workout with a class or group. Unless you’re extremely self-disciplined, the simplest way to stick to an exercise regime is to attend a class that’s scheduled for the same time every week – bear in mind that attending a class doesn’t have to be in the physical sense, it could be an online class so all you need to do is switch on your PC!

2. Do ‘fun’ exercise. If your exercise is fun and varied you’re much more likely to persevere. For example if you do the same circuit at the gym each week, not only are you going to lose enthusiasm for it, but you’ll eventually stop seeing any signs of improvement. This is because you probably won’t be challenging yourself enough as you get fitter. Doing something like Tabata (a high intensity interval training method) will help ensure your exercise changes every time you do it, and you can increase the intensity to which you train as your fitness levels improve.

3. Set a goal. Whether you aim is to lose weight, tone up those thighs ready for that much awaiting beach holiday, or complete a marathon in under 4 hours, by setting your specific goal you will be more likely to stick to an exercise plan and therefore in turn achieve your aim. Write down your goal and pop it somewhere you look every day – your PC screen, fridge, bathroom mirror – to help you remember what you’re doing this exercise for.

4. Workout with friends. If you start a workout plan with a friend it makes it much harder not to turn up, or take part on the days those workouts are scheduled! It’s also much more fun. You can discuss your individual goals, what else you’re doing to achieve them, have your own weekly weigh in or measurement challenge and more. Remember not to take exercising too seriously (unless you’re a professional athlete) and you’ll genuinely find it much more fun.

5.Reward yourself. When you reach key milestones, weight, size, fitness level, or something else, do something nice for yourself. That could mean buying those skinny jeans you keep looking at in the shop window, booking that fancy restaurant on the high street, or simply chilling out on the sofa with a DVD and a glass of wine. Whatever it is for you, allow yourself some treats to congratulate yourself and stay on track for the next milestone.

Undertaking any exercise regime shouldn’t be about blood, sweat and tears. It’s about getting yourself to the fittest and healthiest you’ve ever been to live and long and enjoyable life doing the things you want to do, and feeling good about yourself in the process!


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