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BRING IT ON! Fitness motivation 101

woman-506120_640Have you hit an exercise slump?

Crikey, haven’t we all!

Bad day at work. Projects not going according to plan. Argument with the other half. You’re knackered. The kids are driving you crazy. You’re just feeling blah …

Yep, we’ve all been there.

And often it’s at these times we lose sight of why we’re exercising. We feel fed up and we reach for that unopened packet of biscuits, order a pizza, crack open a bottle of wine, eat the kids Haribos. All to ‘help make us feel better’.

But does it … really?


You wake up the next day feeling guilty and vowing to not let another bad day like that spoil your resolve to get fit and healthy.

But sometimes will-power fails us and we fight an internal battle – the long-term desire for the perfect body and total health, versus the immediate self-gratification of indulging. Just once.

For these times, you may need a little inspiration.

We’ve put together some of our favourite motivational phrases and images to help stop that inner battle, get you out of that slump and help you continue on that journey to reach your fitness goals.

Starting with our personal fav …

Inspiration 9


Inspiration 3


Inspiration 10


Inspiration 8


Inspiration 5


Inspiration 4


Inspiration 7


Inspiration 1


Inspiration 2

And our final one aimed at the ladies among you …

Inspiration 6

What’s your motivation? What keeps you going when you want to give up?

Share your motivation secrets – we’d love to know!

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