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Celebrity workout trends

Cardio_Boxing_Group_Fitness_ClassHollywood A-listers and media friendly celebrities are always keen to either promote their current favourite workout or be seen taking part in the latest exercise craze and as the years go by, we all join in with the hope of becoming fit, healthy, lithe and beautiful in the same way our favourite movie stars and singers look when they take to the red carpet or are seen looking serene and chilled rather than hot and flustered when they leave the gym.

Some exercise routines need expensive equipment to follow them at home such as spinning or having to go to specific locations to take part – not many people have a swimming pool at home to do their daily aqua aerobics workout.

Looking to the stars for their current favourite exercises sees a new kid on the block which we can all do at home with the minimal amount of outlay and it’s called Piloxing.

What is Piloxing?

Piloxing is a combination of Pilates and Boxing and it’s getting stars such as Ashley Tinsdale and Hilary Duff excited about the benefits of this new way to lose weight and keep in shape.

It’s an exercise plan that really gets you sweating and is sweeping America at the moment. It mixes boxing agility and Pilates stretching and just to top it all off adds in dance moves to catchy pop music.

Who invented Piloxing?

The concept was dreamed up by Viveca Jensen. She’s a Swedish fitness professional who has is personal trainer to a string of celebrities and has now introduced it to a number of keep-fit classes. She’s said that the mix of different existing exercises is ‘non-stop interval fusion’.

What are the benefits of Piloxing?

Piloxing really does do it all; cardiovascular, muscle stretch and tone along with aerobic routines. It’s hard work but fun and Viveca is really keen to see more and more people taking it up either at home or in local classes.

Some of the exercises use weighted gloves so it’s great for the upper arms and really reduces stress levels as you’re encouraged to work out your frustrations as you get trim.

I want to try this at home, what do I need?

All you need to take part in Piloxing is loose clothing, shoes which are safe to work out in and space around you. The only investment you need is a pair of weighted gloves which you can buy from local sports stores at minimal cost. There are DVD routines you can buy to be able to Pilox to your limits in the living room.

So, Zumba is out?

Well yes and no! Zumba is still popular, but with the growth of Piloxing it’s no longer just about fast dance moves. It’s about the evidenced benefits of the stretch technique of Pilates and the cardio workout of boxing which give the all-round experience the body needs to get the heart really pumping at the same time as using all the muscles in the body.

It also focuses the mind on releasing frustrations and so is as much a mental workout as a physical one.

So come on, who’s keen to give it a go?


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