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Ideas to Get You Walking for National Walking Month

group-628432_640It’s May, which means it’s National Walking Month.

Now I know we’re almost half way through it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get up off the couch and get involved today.

It sounds easy right. Heck, you walk everyday already – you get out of bed, walk downstairs to grab a coffee, walk at the office (a little), you walk around the supermarket, and you probably walk (or run around) after the kids.

And that’s great, but is it enough?

The Department of Health advise exercising at least 150 minutes each week, which equates to about 30 minutes each day.

But with busy lives, even grabbing 30 minutes a day can seem optimistic.

Or is it?

Do you sit in front of the TV for half an hour each day? Or lay in a little longer that needed each morning?

There is always room to increase your daily exercise that gets your heart rate pumping, blood flowing and metabolism working.

But it doesn’t have to be a daunting task of hitting the gym, doing a HIIT workout or pounding the pavements trying to smash your personal best.

It can, and sometimes should, be as simple as heading out for a brisk walk. No sauntering along only managing a few steps in 30 minutes, but a good power walk that pushes your heart rate up.

And what better month to make it a routine than now, when it’s National Walking Month?

So what can you do today that gets you walking?

Here are a few simple ideas to get the feet moving …

1. Walk to and from work

If you have to take public transport to work, get off a stop early or add an additional few blocks to the regular journey to and from the station or bus stop.

If you drive in to work, park at the furthest point to your building. Or even better, park a mile away and walk in.

2. Ditch the car and walk to the shops  

If you’re just popping out to grab a carton of milk, leave the car keys at home and walk instead.

3. Social walking

Call you friends and suggest heading out for a walk. You’ll hardly notice the minutes’ tick by whilst catching up. Plus, the fresh air and exercise will benefit you all.

4. Grab the kids and go play!

Nowadays the kids are stuck inside just as much as the parents. So why not get them out into the countryside or local park for a walk, cycle, or a kick around with the football.

Walking and playing is definitely counted as a great form of exercise, that not only benefits your body and mind, but helps with family bonds too.

5. Enjoy a moments calm

One of our favourites … getting up with the sun and walking when no one else is around.

Discover the delights of dawn – the peace and quiet, the light, the beauty, the chorus of birds. This really is an amazing time of day to be exercising and sets you up to face any challenges the remainder of the day may bring.

Go on, try it today!

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