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Make 2015 the year you get healthy – inside and out

Happy after workoutBeing healthy is not just about how much exercise you do each week, or what you eat. Yes, those are both good starters and we should all take care of our bodies in that manner, but there are other factors involved.

Factors that we can control, to a degree at least.

Don’t you want to feel completely healthy? To wake up each morning with a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eye, ready to face everything that the day will bring?

I know I do!

So here are a few realistic ways for you to get healthy in 2015:

1. Your muscles and joints

Let’s start with what’s likely to come the easiest to most of you.

Staying fit.

  • Weight training
  • Cardio
  • Yoga

Weight training is not only good for your muscles (and metabolism), but it’s good for your joints as well – as long as you don’t go overboard with how much iron you pump!

The stronger your muscles, the better they protect your joints. This is particularly great for anyone suffering from arthritis, as it can reduce the pain it’s causing.

Try yoga or Pilates. Don’t stick to high impact cardio training.

Yes HIIT workouts are great for burning calories and keeping your heart healthy, but it can be tough on your ligaments.

So why not combine it with the gentler, but by no means easier, workouts of yoga and Pilates.

And last but not least, add some variety to your workouts. Doing the same exercise over and over won’t do your muscles or your joints any good at all.

If that alone doesn’t persuade you, then the fact that repetition equates to ineffective might – as your body gets used to the same pattern the workouts become easier, therefore the results lessen.


  1. Pump some iron
  2. Slow it down
  3. Mix it up


2. Your mind

The power your mind has over your actions, in some instances can be scary.

We all have the power to control our thoughts and actions, but often we don’t. We sink into dwelling on the past, or looking forward to our dreams of the future. But in fact neither do us any good.

We’re simply missing out on life!

Doing daily mindfulness exercises is a way to overcome the power that the mind can hold over you.

From sitting in a room with your eyes closed for 10 minutes whilst listening to your breathing. In and out. In and out.

To enjoying every bite of a meal, rather than watching TV or chatting throughout.

Notice what’s going on around you.

Put down your mobile phone. Turn off the TV. Shut down your computer. And enjoy the here and now. With friends. With family. On your own. It doesn’t matter.

Just don’t miss out on the joy of living before it’s too late.

Oh and don’t forget to get plenty of sleep.

Getting a solid eight hours a night will replenish your energy levels to help you enjoy each and every day.

3. Your body

The final piece of the puzzle is to listen to your body and feed it with the nutrients it needs to function well.

Eat your five a day.

Eating sufficient fruit and vegetables every day can help lower your risk of developing cancer and other serious illnesses.

Eat more yogurt. The live active cultures and calcium contained in yogurt is not only good for your bones, but can also help the immune system fight off infection. Just beware of the sugar content. Go for natural yogurts over flavoured ones.

And finally, don’t drink too much alcohol or sugary drinks.

Know when enough is enough. Excessive alcohol consumption has all sorts of bad side-effects, but at the very least it reduces how well your sleep.

Night after night of this will take its toll on your body and your mind.

So what’s holding you back?

Join us and make 2015 the year you become truly healthy.

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