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Setting Your 2014 Fitness Goals


Yep folks, it’s that time of year when we all make resolutions to be fitter, stronger, richer, nicer … in the months ahead.

How many of us have then forgotten all about them by the time March roles around?

It’s so easy to say that you’ll lose weight, tone up, bench heavier weights, get that washboard stomach, but how do we go about setting realistic goals that we actually stick too?

Here are some tips that should help you see 2014 the year that you reach your fitness goals.

1. Be SMART.

  • Be specific with what you want to achieve. Whether it be to lose weight, run further, increase your stamina. Set it and stick to it.
  • Make that goal measurable. For example if you want to lose weight, set your target weight. Or perhaps you want to slip back into your favourite jeans. Whatever your goal is, write it down on paper to make it real.
  • Make sure it’s attainable. Don’t set a goal that isn’t attainable and will leave you reaching for the biscuit tin. As the saying goes, don’t run before you can walk. If you haven’t exercised in a while, don’t expect to run a marathon within a month!
  • Set realistic goals. Following on from the previous point, not only does your goal need to be attainable, it also needs to be realistic. Is it possible to achieve within your own constraints – time, money, work commitments, family commitments, etc.
  • Set a timescale. Don’t set your goal for 5 years’ time, or if you do, put some milestones in place to get you there. Setting smaller, manageable time-frames will see you sticking with a fitness plan a lot easier than without.

2. Create a plan.

As you would when starting a new project in your work environment, take the same approach when it comes to your fitness project.

  • What tools do you need to put in place to achieve a positive result?
  • Do you need to help or support from anyone?
  • What time can you dedicate to it and when?

Then map out your plan, from start to finish. Mark the dates and times you’re dedicating to fitness, then place milestones along the way. They will help you see progress and keep on you on the right track. Don’t make these unrealistic, the idea of these milestones is to keep you positive, focussed and enthusiastic.

3. Get the tools.

Make sure you’ve got all the tools necessary to take on the task at hand.

Regardless of whether you decide to workout at home, hit the gym, take a dip, or embrace the great outdoors, you’ll need the right attire to stay comfortable.

There’s no point in having all these high expectations if your trainers have been around almost as long as you have!

4. Go public.

It’s not enough to tell yourself you’re going to do X, Y & Z this year if no-one is there to help you when you’re having your low days. Everyone needs support, so don’t try and do it alone.

Tell your friends, family, partner, children – whoever you’re close to, let them know your fitness goal for this year. Ask that they help you when you’re feeling negative. Help lift you when you’ve had that bar of chocolate and start to feel guilty! It’s okay – we all do it, the important thing is how you deal with it and move on.

Loved ones are great at picking us up and dusting us off, and of course they’ll also be there to celebrate with you when you’ve met your target!

5. Watch the clock.

How many times have you said you’ll go to the gym after work, but then been easily talked in to a drink with colleagues to unwind instead?

That’s why point 2 – create a plan – is so important. Just as you would in a work task, create that plan and stick to it.

Watch the clock. If you work out better in the morning and know you’re more likely to stick to the plan pre-work, then set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal.

Lacking time, is the number one reason people give up on any health and fitness resolutions that are put in place.

Don’t let it be yours.

So how about it – make 2014 the year you really meet those fitness goals you’ve always wanted to achieve. We’re behind you!

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