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The 7 Insider Secrets to Finding Motivation to Stay Fit

yoga exerciseIt’s an age old problem and one that experts and opinions frequently clash upon: just how can we keep motivated to maintain our fitness levels (as well as our newly trimmed down waists)?

And whilst its seems that every man, woman and their dog has a drastically differing viewpoint upon the subject, the truth is that there are numerous tried, tested and most times surprisingly simplistic secrets to staying motivated and keeping fit …

1. Enjoy exercise and avoid activities that are a chore

Whilst certain fitness goals will involve particular actives (such as high intensity cardio for those looking to lose weight quickly) once you’ve reached a good level of fitness you have the benefit of picking and choosing the activities and exercise that suit you.

That you like.

So mix up your routine, try out new activities and never subject yourself to what can be seriously disheartening exercises that you simply hate.

2. Always set goals and continually challenge yourself to become faster, fitter or stronger

One of the main reasons that people lose motivation following reaching a certain level of fitness is down to having nothing to aim for.

So regardless of how far you’ve come, or how much weight you’ve lost, always ensure that you have something new to aim towards – a holiday, wedding, marathon, triathlon … having a goal is a sure-fire way to keep you motivated and on the right track.

3. Write it down, pin up images and always remind yourself of how much you’ve achieved

Writing your goals down and putting up inspirational images can ensure that you stay motivated.

It’s also a good way to see how far you’ve come – which should always be congratulated and celebrated – and get you inspired to reach your final goal.

4. Get a motivated fitness buddy

Opting for a motivated fitness buddy can ensure that you continue to make those frequent gym visits, Tabata sessions, and classes, plus it makes the whole experience much more fun and sociable.

Having someone with you going through the highs and lows with you, is possibly the best way to stay on track and hold you accountable!

5. Be kind to yourself and be flexible in your approach

Putting too much pressure on yourself to stick to a rigid exercise regime can be nothing short of soul destroying and, when you’ve missed a session or two, it can set off a negative chain of behaviour that sees you falling out of your routine.

So be kind to yourself and if you miss a session or two, don’t worry and beat yourself up about it. Simply start again the next day.

6. Celebrate your achievements and reward yourself

Always ensure that you congratulate yourself on all that you achieve and, even after a routine exercise session, take a moment to enjoy those feel good endorphins.

This mental recognition can set in stone positive reinforcements that establishes a longer term commitment.

You should also treat yourself every once in a while to celebrate reaching milestones – although you may want to opt for some nice new gym wear over that one million calorie muffin!

7. Be sure to factor exercise in to your everyday routine

Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain the same exercise schedule, and failing to keep those sessions can feel like an increasingly intimidating situation to overcome.

So work exercise into your everyday routine.

Whether it be opting to walk to work rather than drive, walk up and down the side lines of your child’s football match, or undertake a little training in front of the TV each evening.

Making exercise the norm, you’ll soon just get on with it, rather than dreading it.

Exercise is fun!

It keeps you healthy on the outside and the inside – helping you feel more energetic, positive and full of life.

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