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UK National Fitness Day, 9th September 2015 – No excuses!

PrintWednesday 9th September is National Fitness Day in the UK. A day dedicated to getting active. A day, organisers are hoping, that will see both young and old take the initiative and run with it … pardon the pun!

Of course there’s shouldn’t have to be a day devoted to fitness. We should all want to be fit. To lead a healthier life. To feel good about ourselves on the inside and out.

But for some, being active isn’t a priority. Or it’s too hard.

Which is why National Fitness Day works.

Last year over 2,000 fitness venues opened their doors to the public offering free ‘Power Half Hour’ exercise workouts. And reached 27 million people.

This year, one of those should be you.

Young and old. Fit and unfit. All coming together to celebrate being active.

To build on last years success, this year UK Active have involved local schools to get children active and educate them on the benefits and importance of fitness, now and in the future. Businesses both large and small are also involved, and even local politicians and parliament – so there’s really no excuse for you!

And for those professionally involved in the fitness industry, why not be more than just a participant?

Steve Ward, Executive Director at UK Active says: “There is nothing more important to the sector than celebrating the fun of fitness and engaging the public.

This years’ National Fitness Day will be bigger and better than ever; we’re going to work with more groups,  make another splash in the headlines and across social media, all in the name of shouting about what our sector does every day – supporting people to get active and enjoy fitness.

That is why we are reaching out to everyone in our industry to get involved in whatever way they can to help us make it the most active day of the year.”

But of course you don’t have to go to an ‘officially’ organised event.

Why not get a group of friends or your family together for as little or as much time as you can spare, and move.

Morning, afternoon or evening – you can all put 30 minutes aside to be active.

Whether it be a brisk walk in the park, a HIIT class, a game of tennis, five-a-side, or for the more adventurous among you – a surf or a spot of mountain biking.

Just whatever gets your body moving.

For one day only.

The countdown is on … National Fitness Day takes place in under 8 days.

Be part of this growing fitness campaign – your body and mind will thank you for it.

And who knows, perhaps it’ll be the start of something new!

Follow the latest news, get ideas, and find out what’s going on and where. All this and more on National Fitness Day’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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