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Why is the Tabata Training Method so effective?

Instructor Taking Exercise Class At GymAs you know the Tabata Training Method is a high intensity workout consisting of 20 seconds intense workout following by a 10 second rest period and then repeated 7 more times, totalling up to a 4 minute workout.
As easy as this may sound, it’s actually intended to work you harder than you would in a normal 60 minute gym session. Why? Because for each of those 20 second bursts of exercise you should be working at your optimum level without fail.
It does and will hurt, particularly the first few times, and it’s for that reason that we recommend starting off slower and building your fitness levels before giving it 150%. But once you’re working out at your best you’ll achieve those results you’ve always wanted.
Why is Tabata so effective?
 The main reason is due to your Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) which is an increased rate of oxygen intake following intensive exercise.
After exercising your body will go into a recovery mode and oxygen is transported round the body to help it get back to its normal ‘resting’ state.
What this means is that that your calorie consumption will increase and fat will be broken down and released into the blood where it is used up as fuel more quickly to restore itself.
The effect of this is greatest straight after exercising and gradually reduces, but can last up to a total of 48 hours post-exercise. Which means that your body will be burning calories long after you’ve stopped exercising.
In studies that have been carried out on both anaerobic (high intensity workouts) and aerobic exercise (lower intensity activities performed for longer periods of time), it’s been proved that anaerobic exercise has the greater effect on EPOC.
So by doing high intensity workouts such as the Tabata Method, you will:
  • Burn more calories
  • Burn more fat
  • Increase your anaerobic state
  • Increase your aerobic capacity
  • Have fun!
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Get ready to look and feel your best!
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