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Why variety is the key to continuous weight loss

136945653_f8c6e1f5eb_nYou all know the key to successful weight loss is through healthy eating and working out. The former is a balanced mix of protein and carbs to ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs to function well. The latter is through exercise variation.

Many people often seem surprised that their weight loss has stagnated over time. They continue to eat healthily and work out three times a week, but they don’t seem to see any difference in their body fat and weight.

However the reason for this is not all that difficult to figure out. You see, your body (unfortunately) becomes used to certain things. Certain foods, certain sleep patterns and certain exercise routines. It then becomes accustomed to those foods, sleep patterns and exercises at specific times of the day and week. Your body isn’t surprised anymore, and this means it knows how to work at a minimum level to accomplish them.

Now when it comes to your eating and sleeps habits, it’s okay to leave those as they are. For your body to become used to them – assuming you’re eating healthily and getting a good eight hours sleep each night. But when it comes to your exercise routine, it’s not.

Let me explain.

First we’ve all been there – you start a new exercise routine and it’s pretty hard going. By the end you’re exhausted and your muscles have already started to ache. That achiness could even continue in to the next few days. This may be the way it is for a few weeks when doing that same routine.

However over time, you stop feeling so tired at the end. Your muscles stop aching each time. And in fact after a few months, you feel like you could keep going for another hour!

That’s because as you continue working out with the same exercise, your body gets used to it. The exercise becomes less challenging and your body doesn’t feel the difficulty it felt in those beginning sessions. The result – it’s less effective than it once was.

Sound familiar?

This is why variation is the key to success. To successful weight loss. Successful increase in muscle mass. And successful motivation.

So why not take a look at your current fitness schedule and see what you can do to mix things up a bit?

If you run three times a week, why not try interval sprints during one of those sessions. If you’re a gym bunny, why not try a new spinning or Zumba class. If you love HIIT sessions, why not include swimming for an hour each week. If you enjoy weight training, why not alternate the reps and weight each time as well as including some cardio.

Not only will variation keep your body and its metabolism on its toes, it’ll be more enjoyable for you as well.

And who knows, you may meet some new people or find a new exercise love!

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