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5 Delicious healthy breakfast ideas – start your day the right way!

eggsWhat are your breakfast habits?

Do you get up nice and early to prepare something healthy and delicious before leisurely heading out to work? Or perhaps you’re more organised, and prepare something the night before?

Or is your morning more like an episode of The Amazing Race – get up late, dive into the shower, throw everything out of the wardrobe to find something that’s clean and matches, grab your bag, keys and sprint out the door hoping to grab brekkie en-route, or that you can make it through to lunch?

For many, the latter scenario may be closer to the truth.

The trouble with that is you either eat foods that are high in fat, carbs and / or sugar, resulting in sluggishness, lack of energy and focus, and / or blood sugar spikes. Or you don’t eat anything for hours which results in very low blood sugar levels causing poor concentration, low energy and mood swings.

But there’s an easy fix.

All you need is a few fun breakfast ideas to start your day the right way – none of which require too much effort, prep or time.

So here are our top 5 breakfast ideas:

1. Oatmeal.

Rich in fibre, omega 3, folate and potassium, this hearty breakfast will fill you up and treat you right.

Steel-cut oats are healthier as they contain more fibre. However they take around 15 minutes to cook, so you will need to get up a little earlier! If you don’t have that time to spare, rolled oats or instant oats are fine also. Just check sugar levels in the instant variety before buying.

Heat them up, add some fruit, nuts and a little honey, and hey presto – you’ve got yourself a delicious nutritious breakfast.

2. Eggs.

The perfect way to start your day – a protein-rich breakfast that also contains a good dose of Vitamin D.

Do what you want with them – boil, scramble or omelette – just don’t add lots of butter, cheese or smoother them in salt and sauce.

3. Fruit.

Choose one or create a colourful salad, fruit is a delicious and powerful way to start the day.

Grapefruit, and pretty much all berries, are packed full of antioxidants helping to keep your immune system functioning well to fight off the possible attack from infection. Powerful indeed!

A hearty banana gives you resistance starch, the benefit of which is to keep you feeling fuller for longer, as well as having a healthy dose of potassium which lowers blood sugar levels naturally – keeping you focused with good energy levels.

Watermelon is great for feeling hydrated, and being full of lycopene your heart and sight will be happy too.

Kiwis are another fab little fruit. High in vitamin C, fibre and potassium.

4. Granola with low-fat yogurt

A personal favourite – mix some low-fat yogurt with granola (make sure you pick up a low sugar variety) and for a bit of variety, include a few berries or chunks of apple.

This delicious breakfast is rich in calcium and fibre.

5. Greek yogurt with berries

A fast, healthy, filling breakfast.

Take your low-fat greek yogurt and add berries to jazz it up a little. Packed full of calcium and a good amount of protein this on-the-go breakfast will help keep see you through until lunch.

What’s your favourite?

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