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Why your energy drink may stop you from shedding pounds

Girl drinking water while exerciseYou heard it right folks!

Let us set the scene a little for you. You’ve reached the end of a gruelling 45 minute spinning session at your local gym. You’ve burned at least 700 calories and are feeling pretty great, if a little exhausted. You’re parched. You need to replenish the lost fluids and rehydrate.

You’ve watched the ads on TV. Believed them. Gone ahead and purchased the energy drinks that are strongly recommended.

You reach for your energy drink bottle. Drink. And drink. And drink.

You feel better. Revitalised. Energised. Good to get on with the rest of your day.

What’s wrong with that?

Well, according to some experts, quite a lot.

While energy drinks make be perfect for hard-core athletes who train for hours each day, they aren’t necessarily the best choice of post-workout liquid for us mere 60-minute-workout-bods.


Because they’re high in calories and contain high amounts of sugar, sodium and artificial sweeteners.

To put this in to real terms – you may have just finished a 45 minute workout and burnt 700 calories, but after drinking that energy drink, in reality you’ve actually only burnt around 500 calories.

Of course these energy drinks provide the much needed electrolytes and carbs like glucose, but they’re also high in fructose, syrup and other artificial sweeteners.

But don’t worry, all is not lost. All you need is to find a suitable alternative.

And there are alternatives out there. So here goes …

Coconut water

This natural drink provides plenty of potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium to replenish lost nutrients during your workout.

And with five times more potassium that Powerade, whatever post-workout aches and pains you may have will certainly be effectively minimised after taking a drink.

Chocolate milk

Perhaps a surprising choice, but a beneficial one.

Lowfat chocolate milk has a good mix of protein, carbs and electrolytes to replace lost nutrients and fluids after working out.

Of course, you need to be careful which one you pick up off the shelf. Ideally opt for an organic brand to reduce the likelihood of added sweeteners, but if there’s ever a time where chocolate milk is allowed – it’s after your workout!

Watermelon juice

A sweeter alternative to coconut juice but no less healthy and nutritious.

Watermelons are 90% water so they’ll sufficiently rehydrate you whilst replenishing those nutrients you’ve lost through exercise.

Not only that, but watermelons are packed full of antioxidants so you’re combatting harmful free radicals at the same time!

Cherry juice

Another deliciously sweet post-workout drink.

Full of antioxidants like watermelon as well as Vitamin A and, again, our old friend potassium. Along with bucket loads of other nutriential benefits, it’s also a great one to aid sleep.

Green vegetable & fruit smoothie

And finally, last but not least on our list, are good old fashioned homemade smoothies.

Stick with all things green and you’ll create a healthy nutritious and, believe it or not, tasty drink to revitalise and energise you after working out.

Foods like cucumber, kale, spinach and apples, blended with lemon and ginger are loaded with beneficial minerals and vitamins.

So ditch the energy drinks and opt for a post-workout drink full of flavour and nutrients without the added artificial sugars.

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