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Workout regularly? Follow these easy nutritional tips

Workout-regularly.-Follow-these-easy-nutritional-tipsIt’s all very well getting enough rest and drinking enough water before working out, but what about the food you consume pre and post work-out? Do you put as much thought into that as the workout itself?

It’s actually an obvious one that many of us forget about. But if you’ve ever had a sluggish day in the gym, or didn’t quite have enough energy to give it 100% at your Tabata class, then perhaps it’s down to what you’ve eaten that day, week, and month?

By following a healthy balanced diet with the right amount of carbs for energy, protein for muscles, and vitamins and minerals to help your body function properly, you should feel stronger, have more energy and see the benefits of your workouts more obviously.

Here are some quick nutritional tips to help you perform at your best each and every time you workout:

  • The day of your workout, carefully plan what you’ll eat and how much water you’ll drink. The timing, quantity and what you consume will affect how you perform.
  • If your aim is to build muscle mass whilst working out, make sure you have included more protein into your diet. If you want to have enough energy to burn quickly, add more carbs. If you’re looking to lose weight, make sure your diet has an even balance of carbs and protein.
  • What you eat and drink will also be affected by how hard you workout. If you’re new to Tabata, you won’t be working out at the level of someone who’s been doing it 3 years, therefore your energy requirements will be different. Take some time to think about your mode and level of exercise and adjust your needs accordingly.
  • Listen to your body. Everyone is different, some people have a higher metabolism rate to others. If you do you probably need fuel more often. Eat little and often during the day to maintain your body’s equilibrium to ensure optimum performance when working out.
  • Once the workout is over, start re-fuelling again. It’s proven that the muscle’s capacity to refuel is much greater up to an hour after exercise than later.
  • Drink plenty of water before during and after exercising, even on rest days to place all lost fluids.

By staying focused on maintaining a healthy balance diet, you should get all the nutrition needed to work out effectively minimising the risk of injury.

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